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Gilfus Education Group Launches New Web Presence

the Gilfus Education Group launched its new web presence today. President and CEO of the Gilfus Education Group, Stephen Gilfus, stated, “Over the past few months, we have been working on updating our website to reflect the latest in technology, enhancing the site’s representation of Gilfus Education Group activities, and expanding our Education Industry Insights capabilities.” the Gilfus Education Group has been working on a design that incorporates the social aspects of today’s education environments and effectively delivers information of the Group’s capabilities and services offered to education institutions, eLearning organizations, education businesses, and industry investors. As part of the new launch, the team has incorporated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Over 50 new Education Insights interviews from the ASCD, ASTD, and NACUBO conferences will be posted to the Gilfus Education Group’s YouTube channel within the next few weeks.

About Gilfus
the Gilfus Education Group is the world’s leading independent strategy, research, and advisory firm for education and training organizations (Higher Ed, K12, Corporate), education and training businesses, and industry investors. The team partners with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements to education and provides independent strategic consulting, technical implementation, and industry research services to educational institutions, industry investors, and the educational companies that serve them.

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