Serving Education and Training Markets Since 2006

Business Planning and Go To Market Advisement

Business Planning and
Go -To Market Advisement

Plan your approach..

We know education markets (Training, LnD, K-20). From B2B (‘business to business’) to B2C (‘business to consumer’), our team of experts has worked within education technology and content companies selling to institutions and businesses, and from within academic institutions and eLearning organizations selling and providing programs and certifications to students (consumers). We know education and training business modeling and pricing for content, technology, programs and services.

Organizations come to the Gilfus Education Group to align their product pricing with its value as well as to create pricing and positioning that will outperform the competition.

Our team can help you define the ultimate “Customer Journey” by identifying critical and necessary communication points to generate MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) to SQL’s (Sales Qualified Leads. From strategic digital marketing communications to campaign execution, our industry-leading education market experts can help you enhance your market presence and grow your organization.

Market Research and Validation

Validate the plan

Our knowledgeable team can help you to understand your customers and learn what they need. Focus groups, email marketing, field communication and online surveys (both qualitative and quantitative) are just some of the tools that we can use to gather valuable market data for you and your organization.

Our expertise in the hierarchical structure of the education and training markets and our deep understanding of how business and consumers adoption decisions are made enable us to provide you with seamless support and guidance as your company launches an educational technology product or service. 

The Gilfus Education Group has access to panels of seasoned executives at eudcationl companies and institutions who can provide essential feedback on your offerings, before they reach the market.The timeliness of this feedback can save you enormous amounts of money by preventing premature launches and ensure that your product will not be released until it is positioned to succeed.

Market Development Support

Deploy your plan

If your team needs assistance in contacting potential customers, developing sales relationships, or developing an overall sales strategy, then the Gilfus Education Group can help you develop the pipeline and acquire and retain customers.

We have developed highly effective best practices for collaborating on sales opportunities, conducting leadership team meetings, and providing sales support, through the use of tools and professional development. Let’s work together to increase your pipeline, close opportunities, and bring your company to its next level of maturity.

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