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Enterprise Education Platform and Intelligent Learning Platform

Intelligence Emerges from an Enterprise Education Platform

2009 Prediction becomes a 2021 Reality

The Intelligent Learning Platform

In 2009 the Gilfus Education Group predicted and proposed the convergence of LMS and ERP systems for Higher Education. Creating an Enterprise Education Platform that at its core would create an Intelligent Learning Platform.

One of the most acute information technology gaps at colleges at that time was the huge discontinuity between the LMS and the ERP. By contemplating and futuring advances in information technology and the evolution of business intelligence methodologies the group proposed the advancement of an Enterprise Education Platform. The Enterprise Education Platform proposed at its core is an Intelligent Learning Platform. Information is power. Intelligence is empowering.

Shortly after the release of the whitepaper Datatel acquired SunGard partnered with Moodle and formed Ellucian to release the Intelligent Learning Platform.

In 2021 Anthology acquired Blackboard Inc. to further these efforts

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