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About Gilfus Education Group

About Gilfus Education Group

Decades Long Innovators in Education and Training Markets

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The Gilfus Education Group is a leading independent strategy, research, and advisory firm for education and training institutions, organizations and businesses. The team partners with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements and provides independent advisory, strategic consulting and industry research services to eLearning organizations, industry investors, and the educational companies that serve them. 

Since 1997, the Gilfus Education Group team has served thousands of universities, colleges, schools, academic content providers, Fortune 100/500/1000 companies, and technology companies in meeting their mission, critical, planning, and education and training needs. Founded by a modern day father of eLearning the Group is committed to offering the best service possible to our clients and to delivering appropriate, timely, and robust solutions. The members of the Gilfus Education Group have a decided advantage over many other firms: having been full-time practitioners in the global eLearning marketplace. The group has years of experience on the front lines of education and training business models, programming and technology, working in senoir positions within industry.

With a foundation of more than a decade of unparalleled experience and success leading the eLearning industry, the Gilfus Education Group brings to every project unmatched capabilities and personalized focus in order to achieve outstanding results. Based in Washington, DC, the firm is led by one of the most respected and innovative executives in the education industry.

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