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Dawn of the ‘dot EDU era’


Google Says Pearson’s new Learning System is ‘Not a Shared Product’

Philadelphia—When Pearson officials talk about their new learning-management system, OpenClass, they like to mention Google. They note that the software is distributed through Google’s App marketplace, and say that it was inspired by Google’s popular e-mail and Web services platform. Pearson drops the company’s name so much that many college officials assume that Google is jointly building the new system, something that officials have long speculated that the search company might one day do.

But other than routine help it gives to any app in its marketplace, Google is not directly involved with the new learning-management system, and Google officials say they have no plan to jump into developing learning software.

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Gilfus Education Group

Top Five Education Innovation Trends for 2011 and 2012

1. Unveilng of online experiences  that are  as unique as their on campus experiences, by prestigous institutions.

2. Introduction of student profile-matching and assessment technologies as lead generation tools.

3. Emergence of dynamic and flexible “Learning Experience Engines” as replacements to traditional “LMS” technologies.

4. Expansion of SCORM as a more significant content standard for the tracking and reporting of academic progress.

5. Upsurge of tablet devices as the dominant means of delivering e-learning content and courses.


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All Educause 2011 presentations will be posted in the Gilfus Education Group YouTube channel by the end of November.


For now, you can enjoy all of the Academic Analytics presentations from Educause 2010, from Microsoft, SunGard, Blackboard, Unicon, Capella, and Rio Salada.

“You Don’t Need a Web Event to Know Which Way the Wind is Blowing”


Peter Smith
Kaplan Inc.

Chief Academic Officer
Free Live Webinar

Date: Thursday, November 10th Time: 12:00pm

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Educause 2011 Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab Winners!!


Congratulations to our Winners!!


Mr. Michael Dye, CIO
Midwestern State University


Dr. Bryson Payne, CIO

North Georgia College


Dr. Tonya Amankwatia,
Director of Distance Education and instructional technology

DeSales University


Educause 2011  Innovation Showcase

The Education Innovation showcase at Educause 2011 was a blazing success with presentations by:

  • Instructure
  • Kaplan
  • CourseSmart
  • Cengage

Various vendors will be providing follow up presentations via Webinars.


University Redesign
A panel at The Economist’s Ideas Economy: Human Potential conference in New York on September 14 asked whether technology can scale education as a business.






Former Blackboard Founder, Stephen Gilfus, Proclaims the
Dawn of the ‘dot EDU era’.

“Never before has there been such an eruption of education innovation from institutions and companies of all sizes,”

said Stephen Gilfus, President and CEO of the Gilfus Education Group.


“I sincerely believe that we have now entered the dawn of ‘dot edu’ era which will stimulate and transform students, instructors, institutions and the global economy to reach new horizons.”, “For the first time academic institutions are takeing precise control of their web presence and student experiences as online competitiveness increases.”


The “dawn of dot edu” marks the beggining of several strategic concepts including:

  • Optimized web presences and information architectures
  • Unique, compelling, intimate and brand building student experiences
  • Web unification across the entire student lifecycle
  • Ties between physical and virtual campus experiences
  • Web and Search Engine Optimization for institutions
  • Merging of Academic and Workforce technologies and best practices



Creating an Effective Student Experience
The student user experience is the only sustainable competitive advantage a academic institution can employ in the online world today. Maintaining that competitive advantage means constantly monitoring, evaluating, and improving the student user experience. Successful student experiences result from creating inherently simple and logical interactive environments that exceed student user expectations and create an intimate connection with the user. 


How is your institution meeting the expectations of today’s students?

Select the right Learning Management Platform

  • LMS Discovery, Baseline and LMS Vendor Shortlisting
  • RFP Rubric and Technology Grading Matrix
  • Scripted Vendor Demo/Evaluation and Coordination
  • RFP Writing and Distribution
  • Costing and Comparative Selection Models and Final Recomendation

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Educational Technology Framework
for Instutional Maturity

Where is your institution in regards to obtaining value along a mature framework?



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