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The Higher Education User Group

Title: The Higher Education User Group
Location: San Antonio, Texas
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Description: the Gilfus Education Group is a sponsor at the HEUG in 2010 and presenting on Shared Service Models in Education & Government. If you are going to be there feel free to visit our booth (number 346)

The conference that has now become the Alliance conference began in 1998 as the Higher Education Special Interest Group (HE-SIG) conference, organized by a small group of PeopleSoft users in the higher education community. That conference and the next two HE-SIG conferences (1999 and 2000) were held in Dallas, Texas at the Adams-Mark Hotel.

By 2001 the Higher Education User Group had been incorporated, and the conference became the HEUG Conference, held at Disney World, Florida that year. The next several HEUG Conferences were held in Las Vegas (2002), Dallas (2003), Atlanta (2004), and Las Vegas (2005). In 2006 the conference was held in Nashville, but the name of the conference was changed to Alliance, reflecting the expansion of the conference to include members of the PSUG (Public Sector User Group) and FUN (Federal Users Network). The expansion of the conference also reflected the acquisition of PeopleSoft by Oracle, with sessions on Oracle E-Business applications being added. Alliance 2007 was held at Disney World, and Alliance 2008 in Las Vegas. The 2008 conference included sessions on Hyperion software, reflecting another major acquisition by Oracle.

Attendance at Alliance conferences has now reached nearly 5000 participants, including members of HEUG, PSUG and FUN, a large contingent of strategists, developers and managers from Oracle, and a wide array of other vendor partners that help complete the “ecosystem” that supports the use of Oracle application software in higher education and the public sector. The Alliance conference has become one of the major events in the world of Oracle user groups, and has developed a well deserved reputation for the diversity, quality and candor of its sessions and networking opportunities, and for the great value it offers attendees.

The Alliance conference has also begun to expand geographically, with the first Alliance Down Under conference taking place in Brisbane, Australia during November, 2007. As our community of users of Oracle application software grows, the HEUG and its Alliance partners continue to explore new opportunities for conferences that can effectively serve their members.
Start Date: 2010-02-28
End Date: 2010-03-23

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