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Companies that use PeopleSoft applications – or want to – face a confusing array of choices. You need top functionality now but can’t afford to spend time and money on software, upgrades or services unless they bring tangible value.

the Gilfus Education Group can help you assess options and put the right solution in place based on your budget, goals, software and infrastructure. We’ll get your PeopleSoft applications running quickly and smoothly, with an emphasis on and long-term maintainability…and on what’s affordable for you.

We have extensive experience installing, upgrading, enhancing, managing and supporting PeopleSoft, including 9.0, which offers users several improvements over earlier versions.

the Gilfus Education Group’s full-service PeopleSoft consulting combines technical and business expertise to help ensure that your PeopleSoft application does what you need. Our experts grasp real-world issues because they’ve been in your shoes and have more than a decade of experience implementing and managing PeopleSoft applications.

We will:

  • Assign seasoned experts who know what works in production
  • Get your enterprise applications up and running quickly and efficiently
  • Build your system for long-term performance and availability
  • Keep your operation and maintenance costs as low as possible

Never cut corners to go live for lower cost or less time if the result will be inefficient or expensive to operate
With the Gilfus Education Group, you can feel confident that your PeopleSoft applications are skillfully deployed and maintained, including:

Whether you’re installing PeopleSoft for the first time or adding a module to extend functionality, AT&T gets it running smoothly and effectively while meeting regulatory compliance challenges.

Upgrades. Because upgrades are never a “one size fits all” task, AT&T examines your existing PeopleSoft footprint and crafts a strategy suited to your business.

Enhancements. We help your PeopleSoft applications keep pace with your business by creating new interfaces, making customizations and extending application functionality.

IT Strategy. the Gilfus Education Group can evaluate your infrastructure, software, tools and business processes to identify key operational areas for improvement and recommend beneficial technologies.

Software Selection. By researching and recommending the right mix of PeopleSoft modules, third-party solutions and custom systems, we can help you achieve your business goals.
Integration. Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we ensure that your PeopleSoft application is seamlessly integrated with your legacy systems, supply chain partners, industry-standard software packages and external interfaces.

  • Services tailored to each client’s needs, resources and budget
  • Guidance in assessing options and choosing solutions that fit your needs
  • Wide range of capabilities, from full implementation to upgrades, integration and enhancements
  • High success rate and reliability by following proven processes, choosing teams carefully and using
  • proprietary tools to track steps, costs and changes
  • Long-term perspective—no quick fixes or shortcuts that cause problems down the road
  • Ability to scale and address your needs as they change over time
  • Easy-to-support solutions

Contact the Gilfus Education Group to learn more on PeopleSoft Consulting: Contact Us

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