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Partners in Global 21st Century Learning

Solving Problems, Navigating Change, Fostering Education Innovation.

Learning is our most enduring activity. Throughout our lives, as we go to school, learn to play a musical instrument, master a discipline or enhance our professional skills, we’re all perpetual students. Continuing education and lifelong learning are critical for success in the ‘flat’ world of the 21st century. the Gilfus Education Group, is focused on helping Global education K-12 and Higher Education  institutions at all levels drive increased levels of organizational performance and build online education capacity.

Most notably the Gilfus Education Group has been working with education companies to facilitate new capabilities for growing education capacity. The group has worked with many clients in Europe, Asia and Africa.

International organizations come to us when they need to:

  • Market Research and Business Modeling
  • New Market Penetration Strategies
  • Program, Curriculum and Technology Strategies for 21st Century Learning
  • Create a strategic position and Improve competitive positioning
  • Create facilities and technologies for 21st Century learning
  • Improve antiquated and poorly integrated technologies
  • Re-align people, resources, and programs with customer needs
  • Unlock isolated innovation, inability to leverage innovation enterprise-wide
  • Counter the effects of rapidly rising costs, facing an apparently unsolvable, intractable problems
  • Build communities of practice and peer-to-peer solutions
  • Implement and leverage educational technologies in an effective way
  • Fuse community, learning, knowledge, and performance for advanced e-learning solutions
  • Acquire industry thought leadership
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