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Ohio Super Computer Center Shares Insights

VP Stephen Gilfus said:

>Please let me introduce myself, my name is Stephen Gilfus and I am Vice president and co-founder for a Web Course > Development Company called CourseInfo. CourseInfo has created an educational tool, Interactive Learning >Network, that allows instructors to manage course materials and students on-line without having to know HTML.
>Stephen Gilfus

To save everyone some time and conserve bandwidth, I thought it might help to mention that I do have a somewhat extensive list of links to the ever-growing multitude of web-based courseware authoring/management tool vendors and descriptions of their software (plus some reviews of them on various other sites) at our Ohio webED Links.

Once there, just click on “VENDORS” … or — for the *FREE* ones avalable

— click on “AUTHORING TOOLS.” There are also links to other sites that have lists of such tools and more detailed descriptions and comparisons.Click on “REVIEWS” or “LISTS OF LINKS” for those.

If I left someone out, please send a message to [log in to unmask] (with the company name, URL, and product name) and I’ll be sure to add it to the list. Also, if you have found or created reviews (or other helpful

resources) I haven’t listed, please share those with me as well so I can include them. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to devote any time to furthering that search … been too busy trying demos and fighting off/wading through pitches from salespeople ;-)


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