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Learning Management Systems – Free Style

Have you been looking for a free hosted LMS or CMS to teach a course? Have you ever wanted to teach a little something online, even make a few bucks? It has been some time since I’ve searched for free course management systems and mostly I was familiar with those that have to be installed on a server (Moodle, ATutor, Sakai). I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a growing number of applications that are hosted online.

Here are a few that I found impressive:

  • nfoMedia
    This course management system and social networking application is available to instructors in higher education (check availability). Features include blogs, video lectures, exams, journals, gradebook, message board, chat, and text messaging.

I signed up for an nfoMedia account and was rewarded with a free stainless steel coffee tumbler.

  • NineHub (Moodle)
    Free Moodle host with unlimited bandwidth. This is the place to go if you’ve been curious about Moodle. You can get up and running in no time for no cost! I signed up for an account here and am happy to say that I am plugging away at putting a course online, no muss, no fuss.
  • Ecto
    Ecto is a hosted, open networked Personal Learning Environment. This learning management system is built on the principles and architecture of social software. Students, as well as instructors, can add content. While the basics are free, Ecto has recently added a paid feature, in collaboration with AT&T — live conferencing with AT&T Connect—enabling integrated voice, web and video conferencing from the community and group dashboards.
  • edu 2.0
    Teach private or public classes with many features (lessons, quizzes, rubrics, multimedia, attendance, groups, chats, widgets, etc.). New resources are added often by the edu 2.0 community.
    Learnhub is a social learning network that offers you the option of selling courses and lessons online.
  • My iCourse
    Still in beta, this learning management system that also allows payment for courses.

Overall, the future looks promising for those of you who would like to work with a free hosted CMS.

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