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Gilfus Education Group, Predicts Top Five Education Innovation Trends

Attendees of Educause 2009 can see tangible evidence of Administrative and Academic Application and Technology Trends

WASHINGTON, DC (Tuesday, October 27th, 2009) – the Gilfus Education Group announced its annual predictions today, foreshadowing major concepts on the horizon for administrative and academic applications, content and technologies.

“As a founder of Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBB) I had the opportunity to work with thousands of academic institutions in meeting their dynamic needs for bringing together both teaching and learning and administrative technologies. “ said Stephen Gilfus, General Partner of the Gilfus Education Group. “Every year we look to provide guidance to academic institutions and the content and technology companies that serve them, as well as industry investors, in an attempt to provide valuable insight towards meaningful engagement in new concepts and ideas.”

As an independent consulting organization the Gilfus Education Group predicts the following top five trends in education innovation:

  • Emergence of robust “Enterprise” Open Source Learning Management Systems.
  • Combination of academic and administrative functionality into a more cohesive experience.
  • Proliferation of “Software-as-a-Service” administrative and academic applications.
  • Growth of independent content object repositories to support teaching and learning.
  • Introduction of successful learning applications from other countries into North America.

the Gilfus Education Group invites industry participants including, administrators, faculty, students, publishers, technologists and industry investors to discuss these trends during the Educause 2009 conference at Booth #689 in Denver Colorado, starting November 3rd.

Several of the company’s partners will be available for discussion throughout the conference. In addition, at Educause, the Gilfus Education Group will be releasing two thought-leadership white papers outlining various concepts for the industry.

Based in Washington, DC, the Gilfus Education Group delivers education innovation by bringing refreshing clarity and a pragmatic approach to academic and corporate enterprises through educational, technology, and business consulting. The company provides a wide array of services to clients across the United States and around the world, offering insightful and diversified expertise to the education industry. Since 1997, the Gilfus Education Group team has served thousands of universities, colleges, schools, academic content providers, and education and technology companies in meeting their mission-critical planning and technology needs. The group consists of individuals of the highest caliber talent and experience in educational research, strategy, planning, and technical implementation services representing capabilities for meeting organizational objectives and compliance, evaluating education quality and outcomes, and supporting technical integration, infrastructure, and delivery.

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