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Gilfus Education Group brings Colleges/Universities/Schools into the Digital Era

Over the last few years the Gilfus Education Group has been leading global efforts in supporting the initiatives of many of the industries leading educational institutions, elearning organizations and the educational companies that serve them. We achieve this by providing insights and capabilities that allow organizations to make strategic decisions and implement practical change while positioning themselves for the future. Our team has helped hundreds of organizations meet their goals during difficult times. With a long list of projects and a robust set of references we let our client’s do the talking.

From some of the largest academic institutions, industry publishers and education businesses to the some of the smallest schools and entrepreneurs the Gilfus Education Group focuses on your success. Our broad set of services represent years of experience in the building industries, institutions and businesses. No other Trusted Advisor consulting firm can claim that they helped create the eLearning and education industries. We encourage you to explore the many areas of our website:

We remain grounded in a vision of helping and supporting organizations with education innovation through education research, strategy and implementations. We achieve this through key capabilities, such as:

A Robust History
Unique to the Gilfus Education Group is its history rooted in Academic, Administrative and Content Management Systems. Several members of the core management team played key roles in developing and advancing capabilities in online learning, guiding the development of popular next generation learning experience systems, providing leadership and development expertise in integrating Administrative and Academic systems, implementing hundreds of portal and single sign-on approaches for corporations, universities and school districts, deploying white label content distribution systems, and assisting some of the world’s leading publishers in developing successful content and curriculum models, while developing and designing the robust infrastructures necessary to provide “Mission Critical” capabilities.

Jointly Supporting your Initiatives
the Gilfus Education Group is distinct with its perspectives, insights, network of relationships and technology capabilities. Research summits, focus groups, email marketing, field communication and online surveys (both qualitative and quantitative) are just a few of the tools used by the group to gather valuable market data for eLearning businesses and organizations. Through annual forums the Gilfus Education Group facilitates discussions with key individuals within the industry for a variety of strategic needs.

Our expert consultants help companies become better positioned to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, and plan for the future. With our flexible developmental consulting model and full service portfolio for Higher Education, K12, Association, and Government eLearning, along with guidance for Industry Investors, our team becomes your team. From strategic planning and transformational change to competitive eLearning technologies, content development, course deployment and education programs, the Gilfus Education Group team is with you every step of the way.

Driving your Mission and Vision in A Shifting Market 

There have been some major shifts in the market place including changes in delivery models, company consolidations, open access and free models (MOOC’s) and new technologies. The eLearning and education marketplaces are notably poised for both change and innovation. Based on hundreds of inquiries to the Gilfus Education Group over the past year, many higher education institutions, government agencies, textbook companies and educational businesses have come to us seeking practical assistance in meeting or enhancing the goals, mission and vision of their organizations. Often our clients are looking for visibility on maintaining their competitiveness, reducing internal operating costs and obtaining an understanding of how to get to the next step in their organizations growth. the Gilfus Education Group can help you build a foundation for today and the future.

Getting it Right the First Time
the Gilfus Education Group team is well aware of problems caused by faulty data, since the Group has been engaged by numerous clients to fix product roadmaps or operational problems that were based on shaky business plans or flawed assumptions from other sources. the Gilfus Education Group is one of few firms built on a foundation of education, technology and entrepreneurial principles, with an ethos of innovation and creative strategy. The firm’s unique expertise delivers innovative solutions specifically aimed at helping clients solve today’s practical problems.

Often recognized as the “Gartner of Education,” the Gilfus Education Group focuses entirely on the education market with a strategic focus on bringing competencies and capabilities to higher education and K-12 institutions and the education businesses that serve them.

Collaborating with Industry Experts
Through the Gilfus Advisors network the Gilfus Education Group is the home for some of the most talented people in the education industry. By building a roster of education peers and colleagues that have expertise around a broad range of strategic, technical and operational experiences. Review a small segment of our advisor directory or apply to join the network today. This distinguished and elite group includes CEOs, CIOs, CAOs, Presidents, Provosts, Superintendents, Principals, and practitioners from throughout the eLearning industry who are well-positioned to provide timely, accurate and insightful information and consulting on various issues and topics across industries.

Gilfus Advisor candidates are carefully vetted for current, applicable and extensive expertise in key areas including eLearning, strategic planning and technology. As key members of the companies and institutions for whom they work, they are on the front-lines of the issues and trends facing the eLearning industry today and can provide expertise based on real first-hand experiences and provide clients with a wealth of business benefits by using leadership skills, visionary thinking and decades of education and business knowledge to help Gilfus Education Group clients achieve their goals.

About the Gilfus Education Group
the Gilfus Education Group is the world’s leading independent strategy, research, and advisory firm for education and training organizations and businesses. The team partners with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements and provides independent advisory, strategic consulting, technical implementation, and industry research services to educational institutions, eLearning organizations, industry investors, and the educational companies that serve them.

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