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Gilfus Education Group Launches New Education Research Center at George Mason University Enterprise Center

Gilfus Education Group Launches New Education Research Center at George Mason University Enterprise Center
Center advances concepts for education innovation to allow colleges, universities, schools and school districts to deliver more effective teaching and learning

FAIRFAX, VA (Wednesday, July 6th, 2011)Today the Gilfus Education Group officially announced the opening of its new Education Research Center located at George Mason University. The goal of the Center is to facilitate the exploration and invention of new processes, technologies, content and capabilities for the rapidly evolving education and training marketplaces. The primary beneficiaries of the Center’s initiatives are students and teachers, with the ultimate goal of increasing the effectiveness of schools, school districts, colleges, universities and corporate training organizations

The Center’s inaugural projects are focused on engagements with leading technology and content companies, academic institutions, and investors to develop next generation education technology and businesses including;

  • New learning platforms and paradigms
  • Mobile learning application and devices
  • eTextbooks and digital learning content formats
  • Next generation online and blended learning experiences
  • Immersive simulations and synchronous learning
  • Academic analytics and intelligence
  • Telepresence and interactive television
  • Social media integration and social learning
  • Education foundations for school funding and transformation
  • Student centered learning and personal learning spaces
  • Education as a media enterprise

“Over the past several years we have had the privilege to work closely with scores of colleges, universities, school districts, private schools, vendors to academic institutions and education investors. Institutions are challenged more than ever to deliver higher quality instruction in a more efficient and accountable manner. More and more educators are depending on technology to help them address their challenges” said Stephen Gilfus, President and CEO of the Gilfus Education Group. “As a founder of Blackboard Inc., I have also watched student expectations rise tremendously over the years with regard to the quality of teaching as well as to the quality of the technology and content that support learning.”

The new Education Research Center research associates are extremely excited about the mission of the Center. Shawn Sullivan, a Government major at the University of Maryland is particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to work on “real, serious research concerning one of the most important topics in America today, namely, how do we properly educate the next generation?”

Tamara Davis, an MBA candidate as the University is Maryland University Colleges is intrigued by the opportunity to “work with innovative thinkers to utilize technology to improve the overall learning experience.”

“I hope to be able to provide greater insight into the current realm of student-teacher social relationships in the physical and/or online classroom and to utilize that experience to provide recommendations where improvement is most necessary,” is a key driver for Nicholas Vucic who recently received a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Duquesne University.

Nandini Bhartiya, a computer science graduate student at Johns Hopkins University enjoys the multiple perspectives of her peers, “The people belong to diverse backgrounds, which helps in seeing things in a new light.”

Jeanine Joiner, a master’s of library science student at the University of Maryland is also fascinated by her fellow research associates, “Each associate has a unique approach to problem solving, which makes our collaborative efforts engaging.”

“My research has provided me with a better knowledge of LMSs, education foundations, and a general understanding of how educational institutions utilize eLearning. Overall, I possess an acute understanding of the direction and future of online learning in the world,” intrigues Albert Grenfell, a graduate of the Master’s of Public Policy program at George Mason University.

Dan Hagberg who is majoring in industrial and labor relations at Cornell University has personal goals which directly reflect those of the Center, “I hope that the projects I am working on will help shape the education industry for the future.”

the Gilfus Education Group’s Education Research Center is co-located with the George Mason University Enterprise Center at 4031 University Drive in the City of Fairfax, Virginia.

Based in Washington, DC, the Gilfus Education Group delivers education innovation by bringing refreshing clarity and a pragmatic approach to academic and corporate enterprises through educational, technology, and business consulting. The company provides a wide array of services to clients across the United States and around the world, offering insightful and diversified expertise to the education industry. Since 1997, the Gilfus Education Group team has served thousands of universities, colleges, schools, academic content providers, and education and technology companies in meeting their mission‐critical planning and technology needs. The group consists of individuals of the highest caliber talent and experience in educational research, strategy, planning, and technical implementation services representing capabilities for meeting organizational objectives and compliance, evaluating education quality and outcomes, and supporting technical integration, infrastructure, and delivery.

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