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A modern digital marketing strategy must integrate all the moving pieces of the customer journey along a frictionless buying process. Discovering what works to bring in net new customers starts with understanding your current customer base and pre-defining your audience. Structured persona’s allow for end to end strategies that drive marketing qualified leads (MQL) to sales qualified leads (SQL) to closed deals.

Marketing Strategies for Education and Training Organizations

From Strategy to Tactical Execution

EduLab is our proprietary process for identifying a digital marketing plan for education and training organizations that are looking to align market approaches with overall business objectives and outcomes. The EduLab process builds a foundation for tactical execution of a startegy that can be tracked, measured and modified for high performance.

  • Market Research
  • Identify the Market Audience
  • Create Buying Personas
  • Map The Buying Process
  • Outline Competitive Landscape
  • Align Positioning
  • Model the Customer Journey
  • Develop Content
  • Build Key Performance Indicators
  • Outline a Tactical Plan
  • Develop Workstreams and Execute
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