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Education Innovation: 2010 Top Five Education Industry Trends, Predictions from the Gilfus Education Group Make Significant Progress

Education Industry leaders see tangible evidence of Education Innovation and Technology Trends predicted from October 2009.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 21, 2010 — The Gilfus Education Group announced today that its annual education industry predictions have made significant progress in 2010. the Gilfus Education Group is led by Stephen Gilfus a founder of Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBB) and President and CEO of the group.

“At the end of every year, prior to Educause, we look to provide guidance to academic institutions, education industry investors and the content and technology companies that serve them, in an attempt to provide valuable insight towards meaningful engagement in new concepts and ideas.”, said Stephen Gilfus, “2010 has already proven to be an exceptional year for change as we enter the new .EDU era and the coming “Age of Intelligence”.

In October 2009 the Gilfus Education Group predicted the:

1.   Emergence of robust “Enterprise” Open Source Learning Management Systems:

Several companies have embraced open source Learning Management System technologies at an enterprise technology to provide greater capabilities to today’s academic institutions. Those include Moodlerooms with “Joule” an enterprise learning management system built on Moodle, Remote Learner with “ELIS” an acronym for Enterprise Learning Intelligence Suite also using Moodle, and rSmart with the enterprise supported (CLE) Collaboration and Learning Environment based on Sakai.

2.   Combination of academic and administrative functionality into a more cohesive experience:

Over the last few months since November of 2009 we have seen academic and administrative companies pick partners for the big dance. Several companies have partnered up relatively quickly including: Oracle and Sakai, Campus Management and Moodle, Datatel and Moodlerooms, Blackboard and SunGard. Others have chosen to go it solo and released their own internal versions of an LMS including Jenzabar’s relaunch of its e-Racer solution. rSmart is no exception by providing open source enterprise capabilities around Sakai and Kuali.

3.   Proliferation of “Software-as-a-Service” administrative and academic applications:

Today almost 45% of learning management system technology is hosted by the vendor that provides it, while most administrative systems are still locally installed. Companies like TopSchool and Campus Management are leading the way with hosted and SaaS based administrative systems. Expect more progress in this area as schools become more comfortable with the legalities around FERPA compliancy and the launch of secure cloud environments for education.

4.   Growth of independent content object repositories to support teaching and learning:

Equella, an award-winning Digital Repository that incorporates Learning Objects, Learning Content Management and integrated content authoring developed by the Learning Edge International and the Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture) Commons an open source project originally developed by researchers at Cornell University have made significant inroads in supporting statewide education initiatives for content repositories while partnering with several companies to provide capabilities as OEM products to larger solutions.

5.  Introduction of successful learning applications from other countries into North America:

With Pearson’s acquisition of Norway based Fronter incorporated into Pearson Learning Spaces and the introduction of SharePoint LMS to North America by Denmark based ElearningForce we expect to see new capabilities coming from all parts of the world this year.

In addition the Gilfus Education Group continues to provide thought leadership to the Education Industry throughout the year providing insights into:

the Gilfus Education Group offers independent consulting, technical implementation and industry research services to educational institutions, industry investors and the educational companies that serve them. We partner to help organizations become better positioned to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, and plan for the future.

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