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Gilfus Education Group launches “Education Industry Insights”

Washington, D.C, (Tuesday, August 9th, 2011) – Today the Gilfus Education Group officially announced the launch of the “Education Industry Insights” a new services designed to provide clients with company and market due diligence, investment transaction assistance, and seasoned market insights.

“the Gilfus Education Group is the new Gartner of Education, their insights and experience in the space is more in depth than any I have come across, they are deeply intimate with the challenges and opportunities that exist within today’s education environments. ”

The goal of Education Industry Insights is to provide clients with timely and tangible market insights to mitigate market, challenges, provide reliable market data and strategic best practices to ensure that clients are well-informed regarding important decisions in the education industry.

Education Industry Insights provides non-biased approaches to:

  • Market Sizing and Overall Education Market Discussion
  • Specific Vendor Business and Software
    • LMS vendors in Higher Education and or K12
    • Content and or Portal Technology players in Higher education and K12
    • Education eco-system vendors in K12 or Higher Ed including outsourced providers
  • For-Profit – Recent trends in for-profit education.  Specific topics of interest include current thoughts on legislation, lending insights, and enrollment trends.
  • Industry needs and desire:
    • New product opportunities
    • Purchasing criterion
    • General market dynamics
    • Long-term trends in the market
    • Competitive Landscapes
  • Publisher positioning and new education models

The education marketplace and its associated technologies are changing in a dynamic way. New concepts are being introduced for social learning, community and open academic resources. New business models are being developed for digital content, SaaS and cloud solutions will drive change and create economies of scale for educational institutions. These impacts are being felt globally not only by the enabling companies themselves, but also by the organizations and educational institutions that use these products and services.

What have previous clients said:

“the Gilfus Education Group has provided critical insights for our organization; we are excited to now be able to utilize services on an annual subscription basis.”

“If we’d have known earlier we would have spent our market research dollars utilizing Gilfus Education Group expertise.”

Education Industry Insights is now available at a variety of affordable options, designed specifically to meet clients’ needs.  Clients can gain access to consultation calls with Gilfus Advisors, exclusive education industry market research, LMS/ERP/CRM and other strategic vendor profiles, strategic white papers, industry best practices, RFP templates and industry examples, and contract negotiation techniques. For more information about plans and registration information contact a Gilfus Education Group representative.

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