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Campus EAI – CEAI uses LifeRay Open Source Portal Solution

What are the benefits of the CEAI Portal Solutions?

Liferay Portal is the world’s leading open source enterprise portal solution using the latest in Java and Web 2.0 technologies.

  • Built in Content Management System (CMS) & Collaboration Suite
  • Out-of-the-box usablility—choose from over 60 portlets
  • Out-of-the-box development tools
  • Out-of-the-box localization to 22 languages!
  • Runs on all major application servers, databases and operating systems
  • Benchmarked among the most secure portal platforms
  • Business-friendly MIT License

Created for the enterprise, Liferay Portal provides a virtual space where you can centralize, share and collaborate. Built with the end user in mind, Liferay Portal’s award winning user interface is easy enough to master by even the least technical of users.

Liferay Portal also remains one of the most popular portal technologies within the developer community with an ever-growing list of features that help your IT team deploy business solutions with minimal time and effort.

Personalization and easy customization

Give the right people the right access to the right applications and documents! A highly granular permissioning system allows you to customize the user experience at the organizational and personal level.

Workflow adaptable

Liferay’s technology is built to quickly adapt business and organizational changes, ensuring minimal downtime in today’s fast-changing market.

Branding friendly

Liferay Portal is coded to easily adapt to your organization’s desired branding and look and feel.

Flexible organization

Liferay Portal is highly scalable for large, growing user bases. It accommodates the functional needs of even the most complex of enterprises–For example, your sub organizations can each be given its own portal experience with unique URL, login, look and feel and security permissions!

Liferay Portal offers dynamic, intuitive and time saving features that foster user adoption across your entire organization. We were the first portal to introduce drag-and-drop portlet re-positioning and continue to deliver innovative usability features for even the least technical of users!

One-Click Look and Feel Changes

Deploy a new look and feel with one click without having to touch any code!

Web OS

Work with Liferay’s Document Library like a network drive on your desktop with familiar folders. An optional free-floating portlet theme mimics the look and feel of your desktop environment.

Provide an intuitive and collaborative user experience.

Maximize the productivity gains of portal users—a good user experience is key to capturing the highest return on an enterprise’s portal investment

  • Customize your user experience.
  • Use one of the 20+ out-of-the-box themes to change the look and feel of the portal without dealing with complex code.
  • All users are given their own pages with a user-defined friendly URL. This option gives users a better sense of ownership over the technology, thus enhancing their experience and generating user loyalty.
  • Collaborative tools such as Instant Messaging, Message Boards, Blogs & Wikis allow you to create true communities of users.

Consolidate, organize and access all your data and applications via a single point of access.

Liferay portal provides you a single point of access to all your organization’s data, content, and information from both existing in-house applications (i.e., HR, CRM) and external sources. Single sign-on lets users log in once to access all their information needs.

After signing in, our fine-grained permissioning system allows you to customize and control who can access sensitive information and functionality.

Users get an intuitive front-end while our support of ServiceMix technology simplifies the integration, upgrade, and substitution of disparate applications for the developer behind the scenes .
Optimize existing IT investments.

Leverage your existing IT environment.

Liferay Portal is the only open source portal that works with any application server, database server, or operating system with over 700 deployment configurations!

Be assured that existing technology investments are not jettisoned and that future changes will not require an overhaul of an existing Liferay Portal installation.
Adapt to the demands of a changing market.

Liferay’s workflow engine allows organizations of all sizes to be more nimble. Flexible IT makes business processes more dynamic, modular, and adaptable to the demands of fast-changing markets.

No matter how your processes change, Liferay was benchmarked as among the most secure portal platforms on the market using LogicLibrary’s Logiscan suite, so you can be always confident in the security of your data.

Scale your business without worrying about your IT.

Liferay grows with your organization.

Because our technology is among the few that allows for clustering (the addition of hardware to meet growing usage demands) Liferay Portal’s capacity for content and applications is limitless!

Liferay Portal also accommodates today’s global business environment with out of the box support for 22 languages.

Add Liferay’s language portlet to any page and allow end-users to quickly select a different localization with one click.

Gain the lowest TCO.

Liferay Portal provides the highest value and lowest costs at every level.

Open source products promise more freedom and flexibility, but not all open source licenses are the same.

Liferay Portal is offered under the MIT License, the most liberal and business friendly license available with absolutely no license fees or reciprocity clauses.

Hardware and Software– Liferay Portal can be deployed on all major application servers, databases and operating systems, reaping these additional value benefits:

  • Avoid “vendor lock-in” or dependence on a single third-party.
  • Eliminate the incidental cost of new database or application server licenses a proprietary portal solution might require.
  • Leverage existing in-house expertise with no need to hire or train IT staff on new hardware / software.

Implementation – Liferay Portal’s included portlet suite (over 60) and built-in web publishing and content management system (CMS) reduce or eliminate the initial cost of custom development.

Should development be needed, the MIT license allows in-house development teams to customize the portal instead of using third party developers.

Training & support are available when needed. Because Liferay Portal is standards-based, developer familiarity with the key technologies in Liferay’s architecture shortens the development cycle.

Maintenance– Liferay Portal is supported by a wide range of 24/7 business critical support offerings. Choose the level of support that meets your needs.

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