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Market Development

Market Development: Driving New Opportunities for Your Business

the Gilfus Education Group connects technology-focused companies to the education marketplace to ensure your company’s success in the educational marketplace. Our marketing research and professional consulting services can help you to achieve the critical connection between your offering and your target audience that is vital to improving your company’s growth and sales output.

Channel Development

Do you have an established, effective sales channel? Are you looking to create new channels to increase your revenues? We can help you to develop both industry partnerships and successful channel models by leveraging the many relationships of the Gilfus Education Group team.

Sales Support and Development

the Gilfus Education Group has found that in many situations, an independent perspective can either help reassure an existing customer or persuade a potential customer to make a purchase decision. In addition, sometimes your customers are more comfortable discussing their problems, needs, or wishes with independent parties. Who do you turn to as your trusted adviser?If your team needs assistance in contacting potential customers, developing sales relationships, or developing an overall sales strategy, then the Gilfus Education Group can help you. We have developed highly effective best practices for collaborating on sales opportunities, conducting leadership team meetings, and providing sales support, through the use of tools and professional development. Let’s work together to increase your pipeline, close opportunities, and bring your company to its next level of maturity.

Industry Representation

Gilfus Education Group team members are available to contribute their valuable experience to discussions with industry analysts and reporters.

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