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Industry Investors

Industry Investors: Increasing Deal Flow. Vetting Opportunities. Performing Due Diligence

The education marketplace and its associated technologies are changing in a dynamic way. New concepts are being introduced for social learning, community, and open academic resources. New business models are being developed for digital content, SaaS, and cloud solutions will drive change and create economies of scale for educational institutions. These impacts are being felt globally not only by the enabling companies themselves, but also by the organizations and educational institutions that use these products and services.. the Gilfus Education Group can assist your investment organization in finding the right opportunities for your firm in the education space.

Market Insights You Can Trust.

Gilfus Education Group Industry Insight Services provides investors with critical insights for investment decision making. Through ongoing market analysis and industry research, and our team’s work with dozens of academic institutions and education companies, the Gilfus Education Group maintains a level of expertise that is second to none in the industry. We are in constant interaction with 90% of the companies that serve the education space. Our Industry Insight Services deliver portfolio decision making, investment evaluation, and a clear line of sight for market direction. Our team leverages several capabilities for investors including:
  • Gilfus Education Group Hosted CIO Roundtables
  • Education Innovation Summits
  • Industry and Vendor Research and Profiles
  • Market Segmentation and Research Projects in eTextbooks, Mobility, Social Learning
  • Research and White Papers on the changing Education and Content Marketplace
  • Education Industry Predictions and Trends
  • Building Online Capabilities for Higher Education, and K12 not-for-profit and for-profit schools
  • Developing Communities of Practice and Supporting National Agenda’s
  • State, Federal, Local Growth and Advisory for Vendor Selection and Longitudinal Data Systems
  • Education Foundation Tracking and Development

Discovering Companies

Based on its lengthy history in the education industry, the Gilfus Education Group discovers and assists several hundred new and unknown education companies a year. From early stage to mid-sized growth companies, Gilfus Education Group consultants have assisted these companies in dynamic and often foundational ways. Based on our interactions with each of these companies, we are able to obtain critical insights to their individual growth prospects as well as those of the industry as a whole. Gilfus Education Group consultants are available to work on a retainer based engagement to provide your P.E, V.C., or investment banking firm with insights and awareness on new market opportunities.

Company and Technology Due Diligence

The Gilfus Education Group is the Go-To independent resource for company and technology due diligence activities. Our team can evaluate any education company that interests you and provide critical insights into the company’s business model, marketing strategies, technology base, intellectual property, and its potential for market growth. Our consultants work as an extension to your team by providing the necessary insights and documentation required for your firm to make a sound decision.
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