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BNAP hosts administrative train-the-trainer course for new system

Attending the first BNAP Online Interactive Training System administrative train-the-trainer course are, first row, l. to r., E-Learning Group specialist Ken Rogers, BNAP class controller Tiffany Mellott, BNAP office manager Barbara Dunham, E-Learning specialist Tom Winterstein, and WSJAC coordinator Collin Keisling. Second row, BNAP National Coordinator Marty Spencer, L-502 coordinator Dale Mason, L-28 apprentice coordinator Jack O’Halloran, SAJAC Director Eric Olson, BNAP lead instructor John Standish, L-199 apprentice instructor Shane Ferguson; BNAP instructor Terry Collins, and GLABAP co-coordinator Mark Gustafson. Third row, NEAAC co-coordinator Jason Dupuis, L-744 instructor Jim Condrich, GLABAP co-coordinator Larry McManamon Jr., NEAAC co-coordinator Stephen Murphy, and BNAP instructor David Vallacqua.

SETTING UP AND administering the new BNAP Online Interactive Training System was the focus of a train-the-trainer course held May 1-3 in Kansas City, Mo. BNAP staff, E-Learning Group representatives, and Boilermaker subject matter experts from across the United States participated.

The new system, which is still under development, will upgrade, update, and standardize the apprentice training curriculum. BNAP National Coordinator Marty Spencer said the system will “revolutionize” the way training is delivered by making use of interactive, Internet-based functionality, including video teaching tools and the option of either instructor-guided or student-driven learning.

Subject matter experts attending the train-the-trainer course will work in small teams this summer to bring local lodge apprentice coordinators and instructors up to speed on the system, including the online version of the Related Studies Lessons. Rollout of the first-year apprenticeship courses will begin this fall.

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