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Blackboard Inc. may execute against Education Industry Prediction and Gilfus Education Group Strategic Whitepaper

July 1, 2011 – Washington DC. | Every year the Gilfus Education Group. an independent education consulting firm, located in Washington DC releases predictions about the education market. October of 2009, the Gilfus Education Group predicted the “Combination of academic and administrative functionality into a more cohesive experience”

At the same time the Gilfus Education Group released a strategic white paper proposing “The Enterprise Education Platform” which outlined many of the benefits and opportunities of such a convergence. In 2009 the Gilfus Education Group observed – “Academic and administrative companies pick partners for the big dance. Several companies have partnered up relatively quickly including: Oracle and Sakai, Campus Management and Moodle, Datatel and Moodlerooms, Blackboard and SunGard. Others have chosen to go it solo and released their own internal versions of an LMS including Jenzabar’s relaunch of its e-Racer solution. rSmart is no exception by providing open source enterprise capabilities around Sakai and Kuali.”

During the last month Blackboard Inc. the leading software provider for learning management systems in the Higher Education space has been evaluating offers from Hellman and Friedman and Providence Equity Partners.  Today Providence Equity Partners Inc., an owner of SunGard, a leading provider of Administrative systems for Higher Education agreed to buy Blackboard Inc. (BBBB), the Learning Management System  industry giant for $1.64 billion.

The acquisition could result in a single provider of academic and administrative systems for the Higher Education Market and has the potential to bring to life concepts within the strategic whitepaper titled: “Intelligence Emerges from an Enterprise Education Platform” proposing a reduction in the cost of total academic technology fragmentation.

The preface to this strategic industry whitepaper states:

“the Gilfus Education Group predicts that over the next few years, educators will make great progress in achieving institutional efficiency and accountability hand-in-hand with improved academic performance, predictive analytics and overall student success. Converging technologies can mitigate many existing challenges while providing greater capabilities to education institutions, especially improving the ability to generate and disseminate critical intelligence to all constituents. We are excited to share how the immersive experiences made possible by the Enterprise Education Platform can simplify and enhance many aspects of the education experience to generate new dimensions of intelligence”

The whitepaper is available here: Gilfus Education Group – Intelligence Emerges from an Enterprise Education Platform.

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