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Academic and Administrative Education Technology Marketplace Expected to Consolidate within 12-24 Months

Merger of ERP and LMS technologies creates a new paradigm for the Education Enterprise.

November 4th, 2009, Washington, DC (PRWEB) – the Gilfus Education Group, a Washington DC Education Consulting firm announced today the release of a landmark whitepaper, “Intelligence Emerges from Enterprise Education Platform” furthering the idea that a new cohesive platform will be required to advance educational intelligence and promote greater student success.

“Over the last decade the education industry has experienced an incredible transformation in its use of computers, technology and the Internet.  From my involvement in founding Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBB) and with our intimate work with academic institutions we have witnessed technology applications evolve from ‘Exploratory’ to ‘Mission Critical’ to ‘Transformative,’ along with countless challenges and opportunities that materialize along the way.”,  said Stephen Gilfus, President and CEO of the Gilfus Education Group, “ Today’s release of the ‘Enterprise Education Platform’ marks a milestone moment in redefining the current possibilities of transformational technologies for our educational institutions.  The convergence of ERP and LMS technology into a single holistic platform can, and will, increase individual and organizational intelligence, reduce total operational costs and improve institutional outcomes and student success.”

According to an announcement today, at Educause 2009, Datatel Inc. a 40 year old, highly respected enterprise software provider to over 800 higher education institutions, will be the first to embrace the Enterprise Education Platform concept. Datatel announced during its Corporate Presentation at EDUCAUSE 2009 how it will make the “Enterprise Education Platform” a tangible reality through its exclusive partnerships and the coupling of open source LMS technologies. The Gilfus Education Group expects to see a consolidation of the education marketplace prompted by the introduction of the Enterprise Education Platform.

To further advance these concepts the Gilfus Education Group has submitted the “Intelligence Emerges from Enterprise Education Platform” and another one of its popular white papers, “Social Learning Buzz Masks Deeper Dimensions” to the National Educational Technology Plan being developed by the U.S. Department of Higher Education.  the Gilfus Education Group was encouraged to contribute to the National Educational Technology Plan after meeting with members of ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and the NSBA (National School Boards Association) during an international education summit held in Washington, DC during October.

The new National Educational Technology Plan will provide a vision for how information and communication technologies can help transform American education. The plan will provide a set of concrete goals that can inform state and local educational technology programs as well as inspire research, development, and innovation.  The initial draft plan is expected in early 2010.

the Gilfus Education Group is a significant endorser of the Federal administration’s efforts under President Obama’s guidance to significantly advance the U.S. educational system.

“the Gilfus Education Group is aligning itself to support the initiatives generated b y the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, with the goal of improving the overall American education system by creating an education continuum that spans pre-school, K12 and higher education,”, “We are very interested in advancing the current administration’s efforts to provide guidance to support Arne Duncan’s vision for a new ‘System of Excellence. ’ Clearly educators at all levels throughout academia should be evaluating how their institutions will address this rapid consolidation of education technologies to increase academic intelligence, reduce total operational costs, and improve institutional outcomes and student success.”

Based in Washington, DC, the Gilfus Education Group delivers education innovation by bringing refreshing clarity and a pragmatic approach to academic and corporate enterprises through educational, technology, and business consulting. The company provides a wide array of services to clients across the United States and around the world, offering insightful and diversified expertise to the education industry. Since 1997, the Gilfus Education Group team has served thousands of universities, colleges, schools, academic content providers, and education and technology companies in meeting their mission-critical planning and technology needs. The group consists of individuals of the highest caliber talent and experience in educational research, strategy, planning, and technical implementation services representing capabilities for meeting organizational objectives and compliance, evaluating education quality and outcomes, and supporting technical integration, infrastructure, and delivery.

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