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A Call for Evaluators – CourseInfo

By Stephen Gilfus

Initially I apologize if anyone receives this mail on a cross-posting. I have seen a lot of discussions about the evaluation and comparison of web course management tools or on-line learning environments and would be interested in receiving direct comments or suggestions about our product.

At the present time,CourseInfo, developers of the Interactive Learning Network ver 1.5, is looking for people to evaluate our new product. Recent developments have been based on instructional designer and instructor input from many areas of study. It is your participation that helps CourseInfo maintain a premier product for education.

You may evaluate our product by going to our home page at and taking a test drive. We will leave the course you create on our server for you to try for a period of two weeks, unless you request it for a longer period. We limit it to two weeks without a request for fear of filling up our server with unused courses. Please submit any questions comments or ideas to [email protected]

You will notice that our internal discussion board and assessment are not attached. They are in final Beta testing and are due for release in the next few weeks. I am sure you will find them exceptional when they are released. Thank you for your participation.

A call for Instructional Designers and Educational Programmers

CourseInfo is presently relocating from Ithaca,NY to Boston,MA and is interested in obtaining qualified educational personnel to participate in our growth.

CourseInfo is a young growing company that has been providing educational technologies to academic institutions for several years. CourseInfo’s initial product “The Teachers ToolBox” was adapted for use at Cornell University and many other institutions in order to evaluate uses of such a product. After months of research and evaluation CourseInfo developed the Interactive Learning Network. The Interactive Learning Network was designed to run on UNIX systems with a version for Win NT dated in the end of ’98 and provides instructors with technologies that allow them to create interactive teaching environments. The Interactive Learning Network has already incorporated asynchronous and synchronous communication tools as well as advanced assessment tools. CourseInfo’s next goal is to create tools that allow instructors to create advanced tutorials and interactive lessons.

Our clients range from large universities to small community colleges and even some secondary institutions. It is our attempt to find instructional designers that have an understanding of teaching in the higher education area as well as the K-12 environment.

If you are interested in participation with CourseInfo and have experience in instructional design or educational technologies and plan on being within the Boston area you may send a resume or curricula vitae to [email protected]

I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your attention to this matter.

Stephen Gilfus 409CollegeAve
Suite #207
CourseInfo Ithaca, NY 14850
Making education easier!!! (607)- 277-3369

CourseInfo provides academic institutions with an educational advantage bycreating products that facilitate communication, between the teacher andthe learner, through innovative uses of Internet technology.

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