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7 Things You Should Know About Academic Analytics

Analytics tools provide statistical evaluation of rich data sources to discern patterns that can help individuals at companies, educational institutions, or governments make more informed decisions. Colleges and universities can harness the power of analytics to develop student recruitment policies, adjust course catalog offerings, determine hiring needs, or make financial decisions. In a teaching and learning context, data from such sources as the LMS, college application forms, and library records can be used to build academic analytics programs that use algorithms to construct predictive models that can identify students at risk for not succeeding academically.

In mid 2101 the Gilfus Education Group will be launching Gilfus Analytics, a cloud base Analytics technology and reporting service that provides eLearning Intelligence, Executive Dashboard, Dynamic Visualizations and Student Performance alerts. This service along with its technology was developed in collaboration with a top 5 state institution. Read more about Gilfus Academic Analytics.

AcademiC Analytics – 7 things you should know

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