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Strategic Enrollment

Strategic Enrollment Management

Engage Your Most Important Marketing Tool.

To stay ahead in today’s constantly changing web based world educational marketers turn to the Gilfus Education Group to gain a competitive edge. With our help, getting noticed and being seen by your audience can become a reality, today.

Social Media Strategies and Web 2.0

Have you successfully integrated social media technologies into your current marketing efforts? Are you trying to increase recruiting and enrollment or simply trying to reach your target audience more effectively? Spend some time with our team and we’ll help you to enable exciting new capabilities for your organization. The advent of social media offers valuable new touch points for prospective students and the extension of your online strategy through social networking can build a new low-resistance pathway to engage these students in a convenient, no-commitment way. the Gilfus Education Group can show you how to do this. We offer three day-long workshops that enable you to develop and implement successful strategies for social networking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting noticed and being seen in today’s competitive web environment has never been more difficult, or more necessary. Education competitiveness on the web is becoming pervasive and the ability to effectively differentiate and represent your organization on the internet is critical to your success. Our team members can assist by providing SEO services to teach your team members how get noticed and be effective on the web. SEO boosts your site’s rankings by making the content relevant to the most frequently used search terms. Our SEO Assessment provides specific recommendations as to how you can make your site more search engine friendly and achieve higher rankings. Our consultants will teach you the importance of keywords, link popularity, and page content, as well as how to use these practices to make your sites rise to the top of your audience’s list.

Competitive Web Assessments

A solid website is the backbone of any modern electronic communications plan. But how do you know your solid your site is? Who will tell you the truth? We can give you an honest assessment of the current state of your website. This evaluation will provide you with written documentation of the strengths and weaknesses of your site, a comparison of it with those of your top five competitors, an analysis of its design, architecture and usability, and provide specific recommendations for making your website as effective as possible.

Usability Assessments

Do you know how target audiences actually use your Web site? Prospective students, prospective faculty and staff, parents, donors, alumni, and community leaders use your site to find information and accomplish particular tasks. Usability testing puts you in their shoes to understand what is or isn’t working. This includes assessing how easy it is to navigate, the initial perception of your institution that the site creates , whether or not visitors can complete required tasks, and how all of these things work together to provide convenient access to reliable information.

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