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Market Research

Market Research You Can Trust

Founded by a father of modern day online learning, we leverage our team of former education leaders, consulting firm partners, software company executives, entrepreneurs, and recognized industry thought leaders to develop effective market research so that you can make the right decisions for your organization. Today the Gilfus Education Group provides consulting capabilities to 4 of the 5 largest education businesses in the world. Gilfus Education Group team members bring decades of experience and relationships to provide individuals and organizations with up to date information for:

Market and Industry Insights

  • Market Sizing and Demand Analysis
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Positioning and Brand Analysis
  • Customer Buying Characteristics and Buying Behavior
  • Market Segmentation and Key Segments
  • Vendor Competitive Positioning
  • Annual Education Industry Predictions
  • Custom Market Research and Education Industry Insights

Market Development Research and Strategies

  • Organization and Product Branding Strategy and Tactics
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Entry Strategy Project Plan and Timeline
  • Technology Vendor Profiles (ERP/LMS/LCMS/CRM)

Student and User Research

User research allows us to identify relevant predictors of consumer behavior based on actual patterns, rather than relying on educated guesses or opinions. Behavioral research is a synthesis of quantitative and qualitative methodologies designed to provide insight into individual and group behaviors. User research is an integral part of our design process and allows us to uncover audience motivations, behavioral patterns, and problems or roadblocks. In every project, we tailor our approach to the client’s specific needs using a variety of methods and tools.

Our user and behavioral research services include:

  • User interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Contextual interviews
  • Task analysis
  • Card sort exercises
  • Heuristic assessments
  • Web analytics review
  • Social network and media analysis

Our user research methodology utilizes such tactics as focus groups, one-on-one interviews, online surveys, and usability testing on clickable prototypes.

Our Research Capabilities

While many firms provide market research capabilities, Gilfus Education Group market research consultants have unparalleled experience in the Education and Training Industries. the Gilfus Education Group is well aware of problems caused by faulty data, since the Group has been engaged by numerous clients to fix market and product strategies, platform implementations, and operational problems that were based on shaky data or flawed assumptions from other sources. In this capacity we have served traditional institutions, corporate learning organizations as well as large for-profit and education businesses, including:

  • Fortune 500/1000/200 Companies
  • Education Publishing Companies
  • Four-year public and private colleges and universities
  • State Systems, Community and Technical Colleges
  • Graduate and Professional Education programs
  • New Business and Product Market Development and Entrances
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