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Intelligence and Analytics

Academic Analytics and eLearning Intelligence for the creation of Education Dashboards, datawarehousing and Longitudinal Data Systems. Measuring and Improving Performance Using Academic Analytics to drive what Matters in Higher Education and Corporate Learning from the Gilfus Education Group.

Education Dashboards through Academic Analytics at ASU

ASU Academic Analytics Background Dashboards–succinct graphical summaries of information that are commonly used in business to present data to executives and managers–are now cropping up in universities. Well at the forefront is the work being done at ASU under John Rome, who is associate vice president, University Technology Office. ASU is a large and rapidly …

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Academic Analytics – Minnesota Commits to a Strategy

Implementing an academic analytics strategy holds the potential for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and activities across campus. Such an undertaking, however, would not come without cost. Process reviews, increases in staffing, new training offerings, expanded communications, and software purchases to implement an academic analytics strategy will require resources.

Academic Analytics – Data Mining for Academic Success

Purdue’s academic analytics correlate data from the course management and student information systems, to create predictive models that can support student retention strategies. IN A PROJECT begun in 2005, researchers at Purdue University (IN) are developing models to predict academic success: academic analytics that will eventually be used to create interventions for at-risk students. Their …

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