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Blackboard Product Strategy and Development Roadmap

Corporate and Product Strategy for Blackboard Inc. - Circa 2000

Development of a Global LMS

Blackboard’s product strategy and development
process combines internal research and development with external feedback from our clients and partners. Many of the innovations described in this paper come directly from requests made by Blackboard’s most valued partners – the more than 1,000 unique institutions licensing the Blackboard e-Learning platform. We work closely with our clients as well as with industry analysts and business partners to determine the future direction of our platform. 

This white paper provides the most recent outline of specific innovations in
Blackboard’s product development pipeline, and is intended to inform our clients of development priorities that will shape our development efforts in the foreseeable future. It has been developed in advance of the release of Blackboard 5.5 to provide insight into our next release as well as to outline development efforts under review for Blackboard 6 and beyond.

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