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Blackboard Platform Overview White Paper

Visual Walkthrough of the Blackboard Learning Management System - Circa 2002

The Academic Operating System

Blackboard is a Web-based server software application that
enables a complete e-Education enterprise including online teaching and learning, campus communities, and institutional services. Blackboard 5 can be integrated with multiple business and administrative enterprise software systems or deployed as a stand-alone application. 

The vision driving the Blackboard platform strategy is straightforward. We believe that the greatest value proposition for our clients is our ability to deliver unlimited configuration and deployment options powered by an underlying academic operating system. Blackboard licensing flexibility, coupled with the open architecture and modular functionality, allows our growing user base of more than 1,800 clients to develop e-Education solutions that meet their particular needs. Blackboard delivers dependable, intuitive, feature- and function-rich tools that represent a new, exciting era in e-Education

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