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Blackboard Building Blocks - Worlds First App Strategy

World's First APP Strategy - Circa 2000

Blackboard Building Blocks

By building a sophisticated product infrastructure that integrates tools, services, and interfaces, Blackboard will be taking a significant step toward the vision of providing the industry’s leading academic operating system and bringing education online.

  • Enable instructors or end users to select
    from multiple Blackboard-enabled pedagogical tools (virtual chat, team teaching tools, assessment engines or simulations).
  • Extend the pedagogical experience by automatically integrating the tracking and reporting of Blackboard-enabled tools into a centralized area for increased user customization.
  • Provide an instructor or end user with the ability to search for and configure educational content through public and private content repositories that can be used to tailor and populate content into courses or communities.
  • Provide “anytime, anywhere” wireless access through palm-type and next generation Internet appliances and devices.
  • Offer multiple language support.
  • Integrate with a customized development tool that adapts to diverse pedagogical needs for learning flow, assessments, and evaluations.
  • Satisfy each user’s need through the same
    core technologies and architecture.
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