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January 11, 2012

5 Higher Ed Tech Trends for 2012 – Campus Technology

In 2012, higher education institutions will look to improve the learning experience through analytics and personalized learning environments, while reducing costs with digital resources and cloud technologies. Washington, DC-based Gilfus Education Group has released its annual list of the top five trends in education innovation for 2012, which included three focused on higher education technologies:

MIT OpenCourseWare introduces courses designed for independent learners

Open CourseWare will publish 20 OCW Scholar courses in the next three years, all focused on introductory college-level science, mathematics, engineering and other foundational subjects. The first OCW Scholar courses to be released will be: 8.01SC Physics I, 8.02SC Physics II, 18.01SC Calculus I, 18.02SC Calculus II and 3.091SC Introduction to Solid State Chemistry. These courses are OCW’s first attempt at this new approach, and OCW will actively seek user feedback on each of them.

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